"Imvelaphi yethu"

Siphelele Bushula - Founder & Executive Director

Masifundisane Family and Children’s Ministry is an organization that was founded by Siphelele Bushula in the area of Philippi East, on 11 June 2011 through the Gangsterism that took place in the area of Philippi East. With the use of a backyard we had a number of 30 primary age children around Road 5 in Philippi East with the community protection. With the assistance of high school learners helping in tutoring the number of children attending increased to 88 because learners were telling others about the home work and reading club, soon the space was full. It was important for the organisation to start looking for bigger venue. We found a substantial garage in Marcus Gavery and used that space for four years during which 105 children were benefiting from the organisation, before meeting with Beautiful Gate (an NPO in Philippi East). Then we started looking for space in Zanemfundo Primary School in 2015. That is the year that the organisation started to expand and we signed an agreement of partnership with Zanemfundo Primary School and have using that venue since for the educational after school programme. Later that year we launched a Youth Development Programme and we provided life skills sessions to 98 youth in the area of Philippi East, enlarging the vision to our community. Early 2016 the arrangement with the Zanemfundo Primary School came to an end and that resulted in the organisation losing its venue and the programmes were then implemented in Nobubele Educare Centre. Presently we support more than 110 beneficiaries including children, young people and families.


Masifundisane Family And Children's Ministry is registered in South Africa as a Non-Profit Organisation (177-806 NPO) and a Public Benefit Organisation (930061943), with Section 18A status, which means that donations to Masifundisane Family And Children's Ministry are tax deductible. You can deduct an amount up to the value of 10% of your taxable income

Meet the Board

Dr Vaughan Stannard (Chairman)

Mr Bheki Xulu

(Deputy Chairman)

Mr Goodmore Zvoutete (Treasurer)

Mr Boyisile Mafilika

(Board Member)