Educational Reading Programme

Educational Reading Programme is a unique strategy to address the literacy crisis and to instill love for reading to children who are struggling to read and write living in poor communities. It is designed to operate during the weekend, on Saturdays. Our reading programme will be run at Thabo Mbeki Informal Settlement in 2022, where our tutors will offer one-on-one tutoring to struggling children specialising in reading and writing. For this programme to be successful we will engage with local schools and also open calls for applications in selection of learners to be involved in our programme.

Children and Youth Safety Holiday Progrmames

This program is aimed at equipping children and youth with different life skills which they can use in their day to day living. The program significantly helps to reduce incidences of crime, depression, teen pregnancy and drug use. We conduct holiday programs in June and December which create a safe home for children and youth during the school holidays. We regularly invite resourceful people who succeeded from the same communities to motivate our children and youth within the programs.



We launched a Youth Development Programme and we provided life skills sessions to 98 youth in the area of Philippi East.


We successfully held Youth Safety Holiday Club in December which was attended by 70 youth. The main focus was to equip youth with life skills activities and sport. This was supported by Department of Community Safety.


We successfully held two holiday programmes in June and December school holidays and 133 children and youth attended (58 in June and 75 in December). The main focus was to equip youth with life skills activities and sport. This was supported by Lerato's Hope, Heart FM, Beautiful Gate and Thali Indian Company.


98 Children and youth fully attended the three days holiday programme and we believe that we did huge impact gathering children and youth to the safe space during December school holidays. The holiday programme was support by Lerato's Hope, City of Cape Town, Peninsula School Feeding Association, Beautiful Gate, Grain Immortelle Film Studio and Mrs. Sodlaka.


Lerato's Hope

Grain Immortelle Film Studio

Beautiful Gate SA

Peninsula School Feeding Association

City of Cape Town